Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wasted Beauty in Miss Universe 2012?

Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo of USA

Miss Universe 2012 has been crowned in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at December 19, 2012. Still, some of the beauty pageant fans in the state of shocked when Miss USA 2012, Olivia Culpo crowned as Miss Universe 2012 by Leila Lopes, Miss Universe 2011. The point of the winning queen from USA are still in the question as people, most of them are fan of Miss Universe keep saying that 'Are Olivia Culpo deserved the crown?' But in this post, we don't want to talk about Olivia Culpo as we are highlighted the one who beauty pageant's experts was expected to win the crown for 2012. First of all, are they considered as wasted beauty of Miss Universe 2012? This is the list of the beauty queens that are expected to go the semi-finals but didn't make it through even placed in the top 16.

Miss Bodine Koehler, 20 from Puerto Rico is the most talked about to win the crown for Miss Universe 2012 since she arrived at Las Vegas. She take strong picture for the official photo by Fadil Berisha and looking gorgeous in the swimsuit. She nailed both Evening Gown and Swimsuit competition during the preliminary show but still it cannot attracted the judges.

Another expectation was high for Miss Ecuador, Carolina Perez, 20 who did well in photoshoot and preliminary show. This girl have a complete package as beauty queen and I am very attracted with her smile but some of the beauty pageant expertise said that she was not placed because of the sash factor.

The sexiness of Laura Godoy from Guatemala also failed to impressed the judges as she also slipped out from being placed in the semi-finals. She still impress me by the way for winning Miss Congeniality as she has a very great personality.

Despite from being called as a goddess by the experts, Tereza Chlebovska from Czech Republic has returned to her country with no crown from Miss Universe. She is very sexy yet elegant and one of the strongest contender in Miss Universe 2012 by judging her photo and during the preliminary show but her beauty still failed to catch the attention of the judges.

The most talked Asian contestant beside Miss Philippines is Kimberley Leggett from Malaysia. Experts said that this girl will break the curse of the sash factor of her country and placed in top 16. Sadly, the sash factor of Malaysia still being cursed as Kimberley didn't make it through the semi-finals same like Debby and Nadine. She is amazing during the preliminary shows and shocked many beauty experts during her arrival. The question here, is sash factor will be considered until the end of the Miss Universe?

Some of the Asian girls shows a very good personality and beauty but by considering the 'political' events, these girls didn't make it to the top 16. They are the charming Miss China, Ji Dan Xu, the pretty Miss Thailand, Farida Weller who been expected to win the fan votes, Miss Rina Chibany from Lebanon and very sweet Miss Vietnam, Diem Huong Luu.

Another beauty who should win the crowned that didn't make the cut are Miss Paraguay, Egni Eckert who should placed actually, Miss Ireland, Adrienne Murphy, Miss Bahamas, Celeste Marshall (the most talked black girls) and Miss El Salvador, Ana Yancy Clavel.

*Photo courtesy of and Miss Universe Organization

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